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After planning major art events for 2020, three artists navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Restart 2020 is screening Wednesday August 4, 2021 at this year’s Woods Hole Film Festival.

Official Trailer


Film Segment

The Star Store plays a pivotal role in the arts development of New Bedford, Massachusetts. This scene is a segment of Restart 2020.


The film set out to tell a positive story of New Bedford, Massachusetts, often plagued by negative headlines. 2020 promised to be an amazing year for New Bedford artists.

Multi-media art exhibitions, massive public art installations, and a museum worthy showcase.

The entire film changed in March 2020, as the COVID-19 global health pandemic threatened the Southcoast way of life. Artists rose to the occasion, providing hope, inspiration, and respite through the arts, we knew we had to continue producing this film.

The Team

Drew Furtado

Drew Furtado is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, digital artist, and high school media arts teacher. Drew spent 10 years in television news, working at WFXT-TV in Boston, MA, and WJAR-TV in Providence, RI. Drew has always loved telling visual stories particularly of the Southcoast of Massachusetts and now loves telling the stories of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Drew has extensive experience producing documentaries and journalistic films including ‘One Day On Earth-Fall River,‘ ‘Dear Polar Seltzer,‘ and ‘The Sculptor.‘ His award-winning fictional films have been screened globally, regionally, and locally. His film students continually inspire him to push him to greater levels, as they have received 19 student production awards, 2 national awards, and have had their work selected in national film festivals.

Chris Gauthier Assistant Director

Chris Gauthier is a television news videographer, accomplished still photographer, and an award-winning actor. A lifelong Rhode Island resident, Chris is new to documentary filmmaking and looking forward to future projects. Chris and Drew have partnered together to produce award-winning films for many Providence 48 Hour Film Festivals.

Jeremy Young Composer

Jeremy T. Young is a musician, director, composer, and high school music teacher. His school choirs have won numerous gold rankings and he and his students have been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall three times in the past three years. Outside of school, Jeremy has maintained a busy conducting and directing schedule working with Apponequet Summarising, Acushnet Classic Ensemble, Susquehanna University’s Choral Institute, and was the conductor of the 2017 Senior Southeastern Bandmaster Association (SEMSBA) Chorus. As a composer, Jeremy won the ‘Best Musical Score’ for his work on the silent film, ‘Silent Treatment‘ at the 2017 Providence 48 Hour Film festival.

Why now?

Restart 2020, Behind the Scenes

Kickstarter Backers

Norma Kelley
Fern Kelley Hoxie
Peter Kozcera
Molly & Kris Motta
Steve, Sara and Noelle
Meghan Dykstra
Nancy Liles
Beth Whinnem
Dena Haden
Brian Tillett
Neil Ratna
Nicole and Steve, The Studio on Pope’s Island
Phil Devitt
Rob Lamontagne
Robbie Capistron
The Surprenant Family
Lee Heald from AHA!
Anne Louro
Arlene Hoxie
Shelley Cardoos
Don LeBrun
Brian Johnson
Carmela Factor
New Bedford resident and arts supporter: Lori Mullin
Wayne and Anne (aka Mom and Dad)
Tyson Moultrie
Andrew Liles
Marion Underwood
Cheryle and Scott
Alison Wells Fine Art Studio & Gallery
Allen Constant
Alyssa Botelho
Courtney Almeida
Dan Goldsmith
David & Kym Welty
Ethan de Aguiar
Heidi & Matthew Rezendes
The Sundstroms of Nevada
Rewild Your Mind
Michael Gryss Jr
Mark Delisle
Jason Fiering
Local painter, and instructor:
Devin “Nived” McLaughlin
Susan and Ed Kelley
Good Friend, Aron
Nicholas J. Motta
Amanda Pedersen
Peter & Alyssa Ouellette
The Camaras
Abigail Pimental
C Neville
Brandon Little
Andy and Stacy Parker
Buzz & Kim Goddard
Katie O!
Liz Aragao
Mary and Cynthia
Tracy Furtado Chagas
Trevor & Raphaela Perry
Andrea Costa
Steve and Nancy Kocur
The Bagana Family
Jeffrey Moll
Ken Grady
Margo Saulnier
Matt Bowcock
Mike Souza
Brenda and Dan Roveda
Chip Maynard